Deploying a Robust Active Preference Elicitation Algorithm: Experiment Design, Interface, and Evaluation for COVID-19 Patient Prioritization

In this paper we develop an online platform for preference elicitation where users report their preferences between alternatives over a moderate number of pairwise comparisons chosen by a particular elicitation procedure.

June 2023 · Caroline M. Johnston, Patrick Vossler, Simon Blessenohl, Phebe Vayanos

Asymptotic Properties of High Dimensional Random Forests

This paper derives consistency rates for random forests, as they are used in practice, in a general high-dimensional nonparametric regression setting. Our new theoretical results show that random forests can indeed adapt to high dimensionality and allow for discontinuous regression function.

December 2022 · Chien-Ming Chi, Patrick Vossler, Yingying Fan, Jinchi Lv

Optimal Nonparametric Inference with Two-Scale Distributional Nearest Neighbors

This paper provide an in-depth technical analysis of the distribution nearest neighbors (DNN) method, based on which we suggest a bias reduction approach for the DNN estimator by linearly combining two DNN estimators with different subsampling scales, resulting in the novel two-scale DNN (TDNN) estimator.

July 2022 · Emre Demirkayaa, Yingying Fan, Lan Gao, Jinchi Lv, Patrick Vossler, Jingbo Wang

Immigrants, Intersectionality and the Politics of Substantive Representation

In this paper, we develop a theory of intersectional substantive representation of and by immigrant communities grounded in two concepts: representational orientation to constituents and representational activity to achieve goals.

January 2022 · Christian Dyogi Phillips, Paru Shah, Patrick Vossler